Thursday, October 30, 2014

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

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Sunday, October 26, 2014

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Friday, October 24, 2014

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

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Sunday, October 19, 2014

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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Supreme Court Destroys Trial by Jury

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Friday, October 17, 2014

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Sunday, October 12, 2014

FBI Director Suggests New Apple iPhone Places People beyond the Law - Freedom Outpost

FBI Director Suggests New Apple iPhone Places People beyond the Law - Freedom Outpost
FBI Director James Comey can't seem to figure out on which side of the fence he resides; or, can he? A few days ago, in an interview on CBS's "60 Minutes," Comey stated that American citizens who went to fight jihad alongside ISIS members were "entitled" to return to the United States. He indicated the FBI would be "tracking" these individuals upon their return but there would be no effort to enforce the law in revoking their passport and citizenship for the choice to join a faction that has declared war against the US.

In a new "60 Minutes" interview slated to be aired on Sunday, Comey told CBS News' Scott Pelley that Americans should be "deeply skeptical" of government power.

Comey stated, "I believe that Americans should be deeply skeptical of government power. You cannot trust people in power. The Founders knew that. That's why they divided power among three branches, to set interest against interest."

On the outset and without delving any further, one might think this man has come to his senses after his "entitled" jihadi citizen comment. However, this comment was followed by a complaint about the new Apple iPhone that keeps law enforcement from accessing any of the owner's information even with a court order. Comey believes the new Apple iOS8 operating system places people beyond the law and that should not happen.

"The notion that we would market devices that would allow someone to place themselves beyond the law, troubles me a lot," Comey said. " As a country, I don't know why we would want to put people beyond the law.

That is, sell cars with trunks that couldn't ever be opened by law enforcement with a court order, or sell an apartment that could never be entered even by law enforcement.

"Would you want to live in that neighborhood? That's a similar concern.

"The notion that people have devices, again, that with court orders – based on a showing of probable cause in a case involving kidnapping or child exploitation or terrorism – we could never open that phone?" Comey asked. "My sense is that we've gone too far when we've gone there."

Comey, however, cautioned that courts must grant law enforcement permission to an individual's telephone if that information were deemed critical in a criminal case or in the case of national security before complaining about the new iPhones.

Americans should be deeply skeptical of government power is an understatement by Comey. Over the years, Americans have seen their individual God-given unalienable rights trampled by local, state and federal governments. Citizens have been subject to unreasonable search and seizure as routine pat-downs by the Transportation Safety Administration and confiscation of laptops and other electronic devices in so-called "Constitution-Free Zones" along the US boundaries. Citizens have been subject to unrestrained spying by government agencies and the NSA thereby removing any privacy in communication.

Law enforcement agencies have stretched the definition of "probable cause" so thin it's sinking faster that a stretched piece of Juicy Fruit – look at a police officer wrong or remind them of your rights and they use probable cause to show who is really in charge. Law enforcement agencies conduct "no-knock" raids based in "probable cause" and supported by court order on the wrong house, on innocent citizens and innocent house occupants without ever announcing their presence, in the middle of the night sometimes using a window like a burglar. Many an innocent citizen has had thousands of dollars "confiscated" during traffic stops after their money was discovered in car searches based on "probable cause" without a court order, supposedly based in "law." Law enforcement officers and departments stole the money from innocent individuals without impunity and the individual seems to have no recourse in having that money returned.

In the face of the ever expanding surveillance state, Americans have protested and demanded redress. It has all fallen on the deaf ears of government as the FISA court is "sanctioned" as legitimate, even though proceedings are conducted in secret and these court orders are broad and general. Time and again Americans have heard from the people charged with upholding the Constitution that "they know more than us" and "there's nothing to worry about if you aren't doing anything wrong." Congress, the slime in the Oval Office, and federal law enforcement agencies contend that all of the violations against US citizens are necessary in the "war on terror."

In response to the American public concerns and probably complaints from customers, Apple has developed a system whereby an individual's information is inaccessible to law enforcement, except with a legitimate court order – not a verbal order, not a stretched definition of "probable cause," but a true suspicion of criminal activity instead of the blanket surveillance now conducted. Law enforcement cannot arbitrarily access the information contained in the new Apple iOS8 phone without the individual entering his/her own access code. This does not keep law enforcement from obtaining the information as the individual would have to comply with the legitimate court order to open the device or face the consequences of violating the order. This does not place individuals "beyond the law" as Comey contends. Rather, it limits law enforcement intrusion into the privacy of individuals based on their fast and loose use of probable cause.

Comey's argument regarding kidnapping, child exploitation or terrorism would be more plausible if the government were not violating the God-given rights of innocent individuals. But, the government has violated the limitation placed on it by the Fourth Amendment, along with other limitations established by the Bill of Rights, and continues to violate that limitation, knowingly, willingly and viciously, while trying to stand on a sliver defense of having a "court order issued by a secret court to include every US citizen." He "senses" that we've gone too far when a device prevents law enforcement agencies from opening it without the owner's consent, but never acknowledges that government has gone too far in its unrestrained surveillance of American citizens.

As they say, "Necessity is the mother of invention."

Despite Comey's pitful attempt to appear to support the Constitution and its limitation on government, he remains committed to an unconstitutional practice on the part of government, just like Obama and every federal agency and department chief in this administration, along with the members of Congress. Comey is incorrect in his statement that American citizens should be "deeply skeptical" of government; American citizens, at this point, should be "totally distrustful" of government as it has designated itself as an entity with "rights" endowed upon it by itself while attempting to brainwash the public it is the giver of rights. His attempt to deflect away from the growing tyrannical, despotic actions of the federal government fails – and fails on a grand scale.

This government tool refuses to protect citizens from "citizen terrorists" who have fought alongside ISIS jihadi militants by allowing them re-entry; then, complains about the new Apple iPhone preventing law enforcement from accessing private information of law-abiding citizens in order to "protect" the public. This is the example of the type of logic and "uncommon sense" coming out of Washington these days.

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