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Is incoming Nibiru why governments are covertly building underground cities?

Is incoming Nibiru why governments are covertly building underground cities?

According to investigative reporter, Bob Fletcher, what the U.S.
government is building underground is not just a small continuity of government
structure, but a massive network of cities, with high-speed rail, and a massive
amount of provisions. This is to prepare for an "incoming" event that
they're also not telling us about. Interview today.

Courtesy: Image embedded by person posting the
C2C interview by Bob Fletcher

by Sterling
D. Allan

Pure Energy Systems News

As we struggle to try and bring forth these exotic free energy technologies to
the market, the stereotypical obstacle we face is from the corrupt powers that
be who don't want to become the powers that were by becoming obsolete because of
the personal empowerment that super-affordable free energy technologies enable.
And I'm not talking about the utilities. I'm talking about the super-powerful
cabal who runs the financial systems of the planet and thereby manipulates the
governments of the world like puppets. It serves their interest to have citizens
in survival mode, just barely able to stay alive, with no free time to find out
what is happening to the planet, and no time to protest; or too distracted by
inane entertainment and sports to care about and act on things that are of far
more significance. Their control of the education system and the presstitute
media for decades certainly has helped their brainwashing efforts to convince
people there is no conspiracy, and that the true enemies are the preppers,
patriots and returning vets (who love freedom, not tyranny; so of course they
are the #1 enemy to the corrupt powers that be).

Another dark shadow element of this conspiracy, and where trillions of dollars
have gone, unaccounted for on proper ledger books, hence the label "black
budget project", has been what people observe as "UFO" technology
-- at least much of what we see up there are craft build by these black-budget
programs. Those craft, of course, include energy technologies, which if they
were put to use for civilian benefit, would solve our energy problems. You'd
have to be in major denial to not have realized by now that the governments of
the world have been in on the cover-up of the fact that we are being visited,
that we have achieved some of these capabilities ourselves (e.g. through reverse
engineering of downed craft, and/or by communication with ETs to receive
instruction/guidance, through dark contracts with dark factions of ETs). To me
it has been blatantly obvious for years that they are covering up the fact of
the existence of what we have come to refer to as "UFOs".

Their sequestering of this knowledge and technology for themselves, and not
imparting it to the world at large for their benefit, calls to mind this
prophecy in Ezekiel 34, which applies generally to this phenomenon on many
different levels, religious, political, professional, parental, etc.:

2 Son of man, prophesy against the shepherds of Israel, prophesy,
and say unto them, Thus saith the Lord God unto the shepherds; Woe be to
the shepherds of Israel that do feed themselves! should not the
shepherds feed the flocks?

3 Ye eat the fat, and ye clothe you with the wool, ye kill them that are fed: but ye feed not the flock.

4 The diseased have ye not strengthened, neither have ye healed that
which was sick, neither have ye bound up that which was broken, neither
have ye brought again that which was driven away, neither have ye sought
that which was lost; but with force and with cruelty have ye ruled

, a renowned investigator, points to yet another bottomless pit
for these black budget programs: underground bunkers for the elite, paid for in
part by tax dollars, but with no intended benefit to the taxpayers. But also,
some of those revenues for these black budget programs has come from the drug
trade they help protect (that revelation isn't from Bob, but from many
other researchers over the decades). Have you ever wondered why U.S. Troops in
Afganistan are protecting the poppy fields? Mainstream reporter, Heraldo Rivera
exposed that one.

Bob alleges that the reason the dark governments of the world, especially
the U.S. government, have been building these underground bunkers, is not just
for "continuity of government", which superficially has a semblance of
legitimacy; but to protect the elite from a coming disaster from an impact on
this planet from an incoming object from outer space -- Nibiru, to be specific.

And these bunkers aren't just little holes in the ground to protect a few key
leaders and their support staff and families. They are massive structures -- a
network of cities -- with high-speed rail, infrastructure, roads big enough for
two-way semi-trailers traffic at high speed, and provisions.

I can't help but think of this prophecy from Revelation 6

15. And the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich
men, and the chief captains, and the mighty men, and every bondman, and
every free man,
hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains;
16. And said to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from
the face of him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the
Lamb: 17. For the great day of his wrath is come; and who shall be able
to stand?

A superficial reading of that prophecy makes it sound like a brief, momentary
hiding; but it seems to me that this could also be a longer-term unfolding, with
people taking measures to protect themselves from some foreseen calamity --
foreseen by governments with access to high-power observation of space as well
as access to hidden historical documents that give accounts of past brushes with
previous fly-bys. But again, they keep this information from the general
population and sequester it for themselves, and use the populations' resources
to prepare for their own survival, but not for the survival of the population at
large. I realize what I just said may seem a bit contrary to the wording of the
Rev. 6:15-17 prophecy I just cited, because it basically said people from all
strata of society would hide themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the

Bob was on Coast
to Coast AM
on October 5 talking about Nibiru and these underground
(literal) preparations. Even before I listened to the interview, from just
reading the C2C synopsis, I knew I wanted to interview him about this on my
show. He's scheduled for today, from 4-5 pm Mountain [GMT-6]. To listen, just go to

Here's the C2C synopsis:

In the first half, investigative researcher Bob
shared his exposé of the return of Nibiru (Planet X), which he
tied in with the disappearance of federal funds, the building of subterranean
facilities, space program changes, and a whole list of other events.
"What would cause the corrupted secret government to drop...billions of
dollars into over a hundred underground facilities? And then of course we
found out that they were being completely filled and supplied with survival
foods," and even the old location of NORAD was converted into an
underground survival facility, he said.

Fletcher claimed that President Reagan was informed of the existence of a
Planet X during the 1983-1985 time period, and his development of the 'Star
Wars' defense system may have been an attempt to deal with its approach.
Nibiru is still too far out to be seen, Fletcher continued, but it may be what
the Mayans were warning about with their 2012 calendar end date. We will first
see the planet in the sky as a new star, and it will progressively get bigger
and bigger; the time frame will be in the month of December-- either this
year, or in the next two or three years, he detailed. When Planet X is
imminent, the government will utilize a "giant synthetic terrorist
event" or an epidemic out of control to declare martial law, he added.

I have a different take on this, which I hope to explore with Bob in our
interview, building on what was covered in his C2C interview.

He's got a 4-hour DVD on his site
that documents all of this, with references, photos, video, so you can see

Based on many prophecies as well as some spiritual parallels, I see the world
heading for a baptism of fire event, which temporally will be parallel to Noah's
flood, except this time, rather than the earth being covered by water, it will
be covered by fire, to burn away corruption. It will be repopulated by those
who were lifted up above the fire (whether by ET craft, craft of our own making,
angels -- prophecy talks about this, which the Christian world interprets as the
"rapture", but they usually see it as "pre-tribulation",
while my understanding is that it will be "post-tribulation") and this
will commence the "new heaven and new Earth" phase of Earth's
existence, spoken of in prophecy. The relevance of Nibiru to this is the
possibility that Nibiru could be instrumental in fomenting the circumstances of
this literal baptism of fire.

I know, I just gave a huge mouthful. Some day soon, I may write a book, or at
least a long article about this. I need to dig into it more and get my head
wrapped around some of the questions that come up about timeline, sequence, the
possibility of multiple events over a few years, not just one, all at once.

Here's Bob's interview
on Coast. It may have been posted without permission. It's always preferable
for you to have a C2C Insider account and listen to it there.

I hope to have a recording of my interview with Bob up here by later this evening.


While Bob has a great message, he isn't very good as a guest for taking
comments or questions from his host; so my interview doesn't have hardly
anything new to offer beyond what was covered in his Coast to Coast interview
with George. So you can listen to the above interview to get the content that
was also shared on my show today.

I was able to interject two points during the show.

1) Bob remarked that the U.S. Government has no intention of informing the world
that such a cataclysm is coming and only a few, who have the ability to hide in
bunkers will survive, which they are doing, with their black-budget money. Were
they to make the announcement of such a pending event, it would cause global pandemonium,
so from a practical point of view, you can see why they wouldn't do that. I
responded that if only we could have access to the sequestered energy
technologies and allow (rather than suppress) the development of anti-gravity
technologies, we could rally as a species and be prepared globally, either to
hunker down or get off planet, or some of both.

I will add, now, that I would think that the ETs who are keeping tabs on our
planet, would be glad to help if only we matured enough to warrant their
intervention. Perhaps we will do just that, and this is why prophecy describes
the righteous being "lifted above the cloud" while the Earth is

2) In coming back from the second break, I asked Bob if this Nibiru paradigm
could give a basis for a physical way in which the Earth will be baptized by
fire. He said, "absolutely." But he also noted that the gravitational
effects would cause huge tidal waves as the seas heave themselves beyond their
bounds (another prophecy), wiping out all coastal populations.

I know of many modern visionaries, including friends, who have seen such a thing
occur. That's one of the reasons I'm living in Utah, not California or Missouri
(New Madrid Fault).

You might be wondering to yourself, "If you believe the Earth is going to
be consumed by fire, then why are you so passionate about helping the emergence
of exotic free energy technologies?

Many reasons. When we come back (whether from bunkers under ground or up in the
sky or some other planet somewhere) and build a new earth, I'd much rather use
clean energy solutions than polluting ones. And, the free energy technologies
could come in very useful in surviving the social world come-apart (societal
meltdown) that is likely to precede the baptism of fire event.


Here are my rough notes from my interview with Bob. You can also download an mp3
if you want.

Welcome to the show. I’m your host, Sterling Allan. You can join us online at

We’re joined today, October 14, 2014 by Bob Fletcher of
to talk about Nibiru or Planet X. I posted a feature story at
today about Bob and this interview we're doing that I encourage you to
As an investigative researcher, Bob says that the U.S. government has
known about the approaching Nibiru for years and has been building
underground bunkers filled with food and provisions in preparation,
using taxpayer funds for their own black budget survival, without the
involvement of regular citizens. He was on Coast to Coast AM on October
5, talking about this. We would like to probe similar territory and
explore some new areas as well.

Bob, welcome to the show.

Fed witness and investigator for 10 of the most important / heavy
duty by senate and congress; witness in Iran Contra hearings; illegal
drug operations. Whistleblower, ended up I was called in by several
senators/congressmen, 30 years, names would come up, criss cross

Hired by Manuel Noriega, connecting him to White House

Looked most recently into what is going on.

Realized a couple of years ago; extraordinary money disappearing

millions of dollars no longer surprised me

Biggest one, Rumsfeld, head of DOD on Sept 10, 2001, announced that 2.3 trillion misplaced; spoke to US congress.

short time later, realized, Ron Paul as well realized; all of gold at Ft. Knox was gone

When Ron Paul asked, along with several other congress people,
asked for audit, to prove allegations to be gone; laughed at him; Fed
Res. Set up as private org; had no right to investigate.

Then, Germany, when money got tight a couple of years ago 2013;
wanted some of their own gold that had been put in place for foreign
nations; asked for some of it; needed it; told to come back in 7 years,
would either get audit of gold or some of it; but nothing today.

Something's really wrong. Cannot money launder a trillion dollars.

Next thought: what in the world

What could you do with trillions?

no longer just stealing for

Had been familiar with underground facilities, but not the magnitude

Since 1983-85; expansion of Reagan, "continuity of government program"

Underground facilities

gigantic: 1000s of people; supplied with survival foods, multi billions of dollars

Truckers coming to me

some in early 90s approached me; video tape

"I made a delivery, side of mountain opened up in middle of
desolate area, closed behind me 26 other 18-wheelers driving around."

criminality of government; but not "mythological"; so stayed away from that until

Have video tapes and photos; posted on website

have a DVD completed; took 3 years. 4 hours; covers every facet;
don't know how long I'm going to be able to get this things out

Had tremendous resistance on getting accomplished

10 exposes previously

External difficulty: hacking, 1000s , had to redo 3 different computers

Many people have been killed on this, too.

So, in 90s, photos, videos; I myself, 1995, went first week of
opening of Denver airport, snuck in, down underneath and saw hidehouts,
bizarre structure; large underground facility. As we speak, today, they
are still working under that, expanding, completing,

One of probably 103 undnerground facilities, deep underground.

NORAD, old center for control for ICBMs, etc.; older, well-built,
large, underground; recently taken over and closed down; converted to
another expanded underground facility; included expansion

Moved electronic NORAD to mountainside; hide-out survival operation for "elite government personalities"

103, some interconnected, highways, trains, entrances, enough room for 2 18 wheelers to bypass, side by side

What would it be, around 1983-85 "Secret Government" changed in
direction. Had been pushing us to NWO, world government. Total
dictatorial configuration. Then all the sudden, things changed. 1983,
Reagan President, infrared telescope

Mythical Planet X, Nibiru, Red Dragon, Visiting Dragon, had been
in historic records by every nation for 3000 years; in Bible; Koran;
Tibetan monks; Sumerians

All the ancient civilizations. Huge planet with 5 moons came zipping around sun, caused eclipse of sun; like a
comet, came in around the sun, went back out. On a 3600 year orbit, like our orbit.


Q. 2.3 trillion: some go to underground cities, but also some goes to flying saucers

they have several other ways to do it; rather than

Super-secret, a lot of ways to do that

Gigantic hole in the budget

back to hale bop;

If concept of huge orbit is ridiculous. If it was that big, it would fall apart, lose continuity

Single planet 5 times size of earth; eventually

Hale Bob commet discovered in 70's came around in modern time; big tail, went around sun, back out.

Good astronomical studies

Will not around for 4200 years. Bigger, larger, longer, than Nibiru orbit.

Dr. Sichin, linguist expert in ancient dialogue; went over 1000s of clay tablets.

Wrote in extreme detail about planet X, how it came around, length of orbit. 6 books.

Only a few people on earth who can analyze and decipher these dialects.

some 25 stories under ground; 10,000 people for years, some of them

Some of them interconnected

Drive 800 miles underground to make contact with another destination.


Inside mountain: the "seed vault" in Norway; cooperative by several nations. So they can be replanted to restart earth.


Q. baptism of fire from incoming


Fully documented, references, photos

Possibility of destruction of fire; jumping way ahead, to concerns about what will happen when Nibiru comes by again

Give likely date, or span that this may take place

US government will never tell us that this is a reality.

I don't remember an honest present; I'm 70

President can't tell the world that this is coming. Amount of rioting would be beyond wildest scifi imagination; berserk

some of us are going to go under the ground and hide out; hope we're going to survive

Likelihood that we already have colonies off planet is likely.
Secondary location for humanity. Hoping that they will exist in some

Gravitation situation, yank waters out of seabeds; probably 5x
size of earth, between Earth and Sun, 3 hour eclipse, which is what it
was 3600 years ago

All electronics gone

Causing problems with center of earth; problems with sun; effecting weather; melting glaciers

Have son in Miami Beach; had to put millions of dollars of pumps because every high tide comes 4 blocks into city.

This will cause a tide situation so far beyond moon, tsunamis all over globe

People on coasts will be eradicated

Fire: the tail behind Hale Bob and Hayllee's comet: a big snowball, compared to this, which is a planet

24 million miles of junk: Hayllee's

Planet x could have 5x that size of tail.

We'll be coming around tail, first time, about an hour of meteors;
will become fireballs; like in Russia; could have been like 100 nuclear
bombs when it hit the ground, had it not burned up.

Pass through uknown numbers of meteorites for 1 full hour.

Setting fires, everyplace. Flaming meteorites.

On other side, at least one more time through debris, with large number meteors and meteorites.

Plane of the ecliptic. If Nibiru on same plane, then very accurate,

If 20 degrees to South, won't be as bad
# # #

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